Past years' winners

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Hailing from Moscow/Russia and representing Russia at BOTY Final for the second time, Predatorz are undeniably an insiders’ tip for the battles. After winning the best showcase at the R16 World Final in Korea, the crew will most probably come up with an amazing show for the 25th BOTY. 

The crew combines power with styles and will show that the Russian breaking scene is ready to battle anyone. First time at the international BOTY in 2010.

BOTY winners special: Predatorz

Hall of Fame

Battle of the Year 2013
2013 Best Show: Floorriorz (Japan)
2013 Battle 1: Fusion MC (Korea) vs Vinotinto (Venezuela)
2013 Battle 2: The Ruggeds (Netherlands) vs KGB TC Unity (Taiwan)
2013 Battle 3: B Town Allstars (Germany) vs Fusion MC (Korea)
2013 Battle 4: Floorriorz (Japan) vs The Ruggeds (Netherlands)
2013 Final Battle: The Ruggeds (Netherlands) vs Fusion MC (Korea)
2013 Winner: Fusion MC (Korea)

Battle of the Year 2013 - 1990
2012 Vagabonds (France)
2011 Vagabonds (France)
2010 JinJo Crew (Korea)
2009 Gamblerz (Korea)
2008 Top 9 (Russia)
2007 Extreme Crew (Korea)
2006 Vagabonds (France)
2005 Last For One (Korea)
2004 Gamblerz (Korea)
2003 Pockémon (France)
2002 Expression (Korea)
2001 Wanted (France)
2000 Flying Steps (Germany)

1999 Suicidal Lifestyle (Hungary)
1998 Rock Force (USA)
1997 Style Elements (USA)
1996 Toys In Effect (Switzerland)
1995 The Family (France/Italy)
1994 Vlinke Vuesse (Germany)
1993 Always Rockin Tuff (UK)
1992 Battle Squad (Germany)
1991 Battle Squad (Germany)
1990 TDB (Germany/UK)

finalists 2015

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Dead Prezz

The first crew that is qualified for the BOTY Finals comes from Greece and is very well-known to everybody of us! Dead Prezz! Hailing from the city of Athens, the crew is now back at Battle Of The Year after a 2 years break.

Tribal Dance

Hailing from the city of Pikine in the Dakar region in Senegal, the Tribal Dance crew was born in 2004. The group was founded by Mbassa, Secka, Under, Osny and Emedy, who all came from different crews. 


U-Taipei, formerly known as TPEC, is going to represent Taiwan at the BOTY Finals 2015. Founded in 2007, most of TPEC's crew members were from the University of Taipei. That's why they changed the crew name into "U-Taipei". Except for practicing Bboying in the university, most of the members are also working part-time to be able to keep on dancing.

Metro Grooverz

They finally made it! The Metro Grooverz from Thailand won at BOTY South Asia! The last two years they won BOTY Thailand and only got 2nd place at the South Asian qualifier! In 2010, the founder of the group used to practice in the subway station in Bangkok. He enjoyed grooving to the beat at this spot.

Urban Project

Urban Project is coming all the way from Hadera city in Israel! For the first time at Battle of the Year, the crew wants to break the Israeli limit and enter the battles. The group was formed in 2008 when the veteran crew "Reflection" got together with their young students to become a whole new crew with great ability.

MOS Crew

All the way from Brazil, we are bringing you the MOS Crew! The crew will represent Brazil at the BOTY World Finals 2015 for the first time! After they got 2nd place last year, they worked hard on their show and battle strategy to make sure to win this year. Now they are looking forward to show us some Brazilian styles!

De Klan

De Klan is back again! After a one-year break De Klan made it to the BOTY World Final one more time. This is the 6th time De Klan crew is representing Italy at BOTY in the lastseven years! Possibly record-breaking! The group unites top dancers from Rome and Naples who are representing the Italian scene together.

Soul Mavericks

The Soul Mavericks just won at BOTY Central Europe again! So they will represent the United Kingdom for the 3rd time in a row in Braunschweig! The crew was founded in 2005 as an idea of the British breaking pioneer and Break-DJ Renegade.

Total Feeling

Founded in 2002, Total Feeling from Le Bourget is truly a well-known crew in the French scene. The group comes up with dancers like Tonio (Winner BOTY France 1vs1 in 2013), Yung, John Smith, Bruce Wayne and more, all between 26 and 30 years old.

Doble K.O. Team

After winning BOTY Iberica 2015 Doble K.O. Team can't wait to enter the big stage in Braunschweig! The crew was founded when several members from two Spanish legendary crews (Arcopom & Electroduendes) started representing together. They became friends and wanted to share their passion together.

The Floorriorz

They took the Japanese title for the 3rd time! The Floorriorz are back to the BOTY World Final! After winning the 2nd place in 2012 and the best show in 2013, the crew is ready to finally become world champion. The crew members have been battling at all important breaking events all around the globe the last years.

Space Unlimited

For the 3rd time at the BOTY World Final! Make some noise for the Space Unlimited Crew hailing from Surulere, Lagos and representing Nigeria. The crew is well known in the Nigerian scene and won the 3rd, 4th and 5th edition of BOTY Nigeria in the past.

The Saxonz

They did it again! The Saxonz became the winners of BOTY Germany twice in a row! After their powerful show in 2014 they entered BOTY again with a completely new and impressive choreography. Now the crew is back on the big stage in Braunschweig to represent Saxony and Germany of course!


Hailing from Belarus, Kienjuice Crew is entering the BOTY World Finals after winning 1st place and the best show at BOTY CIS/Baltic in Minsk. The group received its name in August 2015 when the crew leader Bboy Kienya could reunite all crew members to build up a top team.

The Ruggeds

One of the best & well-experienced crews fromEurope comes with The Ruggeds! For the 3rd time at the BOTY WorldFinal now, the team will enter BOTY for the last time this year. After a2ndplace in 2013 and many of worldwide competitions, The Ruggeds want tobring thetitle to Eindhoven now.

M.B. Crew

The last crew for the BOTY World Final 2015 is chosen! All the way from South Korea, we are glad to announce M.B. Crew! Neighborhood friends founded the crew in 2002 and they have been steadily breaking and representing in the Korean Bboying scene for the past 13 years. The meaning of "M.B." is the acronym for "marubadak" which is Korean for "wood floor".