Past years' winners

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Fusion MC

Fusion Mind Crew hailing from Breaking Mecca South Korea, have done it for the first time. After last year’s second place, this extraordinary crew has now just won BOTY Korea by defeating the winners of BOTY International 2005 - Last for One in a heated final battle.

These very original dancers have already paid their dues both nationally as well as internationally, by winning inter alia Freestyle Session Korea 2013 or the French Chelles Battle Pro 2012. While last year they lost at the Korean qualifier against the incredible Morning of Owl they have been back in the lab and definitely stepped their game up with a showcase of epic proportions. Let’s see how this amazing and all-round team will do on the big stage and whether Korea is still bringing the heat internationally.

Hall of Fame

Battle of the Year 2013
2013 Best Show: Floorriorz (Japan)
2013 Battle 1: Fusion MC (Korea) vs Vinotinto (Venezuela)
2013 Battle 2: The Ruggeds (Netherlands) vs KGB TC Unity (Taiwan)
2013 Battle 3: B Town Allstars (Germany) vs Fusion MC (Korea)
2013 Battle 4: Floorriorz (Japan) vs The Ruggeds (Netherlands)
2013 Final Battle: The Ruggeds (Netherlands) vs Fusion MC (Korea)
2013 Winner: Fusion MC (Korea)

Battle of the Year 2013 - 1990
2012 Vagabonds (France)
2011 Vagabonds (France)
2010 JinJo Crew (Korea)
2009 Gamblerz (Korea)
2008 Top 9 (Russia)
2007 Extreme Crew (Korea)
2006 Vagabonds (France)
2005 Last For One (Korea)
2004 Gamblerz (Korea)
2003 Pockémon (France)
2002 Expression (Korea)
2001 Wanted (France)
2000 Flying Steps (Germany)

1999 Suicidal Lifestyle (Hungary)
1998 Rock Force (USA)
1997 Style Elements (USA)
1996 Toys In Effect (Switzerland)
1995 The Family (France/Italy)
1994 Vlinke Vuesse (Germany)
1993 Always Rockin Tuff (UK)
1992 Battle Squad (Germany)
1991 Battle Squad (Germany)
1990 TDB (Germany/UK)

finalists 2015

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Dead Prezz

The first crew that is qualified for the BOTY Finals comes from Greece and is very well-known to everybody of us! Dead Prezz! Hailing from the city of Athens, the crew is now back at Battle Of The Year after a 2 years break.