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One of the oldest and most successful crews around, the French Vagabonds have grown through regeneration and have continuously brought fresh talent into the crew. In 2006 they won the Battle Of The Year by beating the 2005 champions, South Korean crew “last for one” in the final. 

After their victory the crew toured through France, Tunisia and Italy with their show “Alien”. Vagabond’s next major b-boy competition was two years later. 

Over the years, the members of the crew have changed because some of the original members, like Lamine, Salah, Laos and Ilaria chose to pursue their own goals. 

The current members are Mohamed (Momo), Nordine (Nono), Mounir, Abdel, Kamel (BossK), Karim (Pepito), Sofiane (Soan) and Nié (Sayan). 

After five years of failing to reclaim the Braun BOTY title, this determined and focused crew rose once again above fierce competition in France to qualify and performed outstandingly to win back the elusive Braun Battle Of The Year title on their home turf.

The deserving 2011 champions are one of the few crews who have managed this feat, and enjoyed a convincing victory in the final versus Battle Born, the American crew.  



Hall of Fame

Battle of the Year 2013
2013 Best Show: Floorriorz (Japan)
2013 Battle 1: Fusion MC (Korea) vs Vinotinto (Venezuela)
2013 Battle 2: The Ruggeds (Netherlands) vs KGB TC Unity (Taiwan)
2013 Battle 3: B Town Allstars (Germany) vs Fusion MC (Korea)
2013 Battle 4: Floorriorz (Japan) vs The Ruggeds (Netherlands)
2013 Final Battle: The Ruggeds (Netherlands) vs Fusion MC (Korea)
2013 Winner: Fusion MC (Korea)

Battle of the Year 2013 - 1990
2012 Vagabonds (France)
2011 Vagabonds (France)
2010 JinJo Crew (Korea)
2009 Gamblerz (Korea)
2008 Top 9 (Russia)
2007 Extreme Crew (Korea)
2006 Vagabonds (France)
2005 Last For One (Korea)
2004 Gamblerz (Korea)
2003 Pockémon (France)
2002 Expression (Korea)
2001 Wanted (France)
2000 Flying Steps (Germany)

1999 Suicidal Lifestyle (Hungary)
1998 Rock Force (USA)
1997 Style Elements (USA)
1996 Toys In Effect (Switzerland)
1995 The Family (France/Italy)
1994 Vlinke Vuesse (Germany)
1993 Always Rockin Tuff (UK)
1992 Battle Squad (Germany)
1991 Battle Squad (Germany)
1990 TDB (Germany/UK)

finalists 2013

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WaveOmatics are a group of friends and the crew is like a family to them.
They choose the name because of a very good friend, Niko Birako a.ka. ''Waveomatic'' who has passed away just a year ago. Niko ''Waveromatic'' Birakos, visited Greece several times and he became a really close friend to the Greek Dance community, giving advices and sharing his passion for the dance.

De Klan

5 years in a row as Italy's top crew at BOTY, quarter finalist at the BOTY World Final 2012, european-level victories against world-class crews in the recent Battle des Nuits (France), Break On Stage (Spain) and Hip Hop Connection (Italy).


Vinotinto is a new crew from Venezuela. It was formed one year ago but these guys already won several titles like the Mixarte Spain 2013, third place in EuroBattle 2013, the Criollo Style and many more.

KGB TC Unity

This group represents a fusion of two the biggest Bboy crews in Taiwan - the KGB (Keep Going Breakers) & TC (Top Coalition). Some of the dancers have joined Battle of the Year Finals multiple times before with Formosa Crew and in 2008 even came in 3rd at BOTY International.

Soul Mavericks

The Soul Mavericks were established in July 2005 and represent a collection of talented individuals who all possess their own style, stories, backgrounds, experiences, abilities and energy. The foundation of the crew was spearheaded by crew coach and mentor, DJ Renegade of Extended Players / Son of Noise. Soul Mavericks have blossomed into the most prolific and well established new school crew in the United Kingdom.

The Ruggeds

The end of 2005 was the starting point for The Ruggeds. They are always hungry to prove themselves at national and international events. The Ruggeds trained and worked hard to climb on the top of the B Boy scene. Members like Jazzy Gypz, Skychief, Perry Box and Niek Traa are successful on an international level and had won events like UK Champs, IBE, Evolution Europe, R16 and many more.

S.I.N.E. Crew

S.I.N.E. Crew was established in 2011 with more than 15 of Vietnam’s best Bboys as its members. Their slogan being “Saying Is Not Enough”, S.I.N.E. have proven in various battles and competitions that they walk they walk instead of just talking the talk.

Fusion MC

Fusion Mind Crew hailing from Breaking Mecca South Korea, have done it for the first time. After last year’s second place, this extraordinary crew has now just won BOTY Korea by defeating the winners of BOTY International 2005 - Last for One in a heated final battle.

Melting Force

The crew "Melting Force" was created in 1999 reuniting more than ten dancers while expanding regionally at first. From year to year the group continued to perfect their style of hardcore blowups and strong team work and gained notoriety in the French Breaking scene. In 2007 they created their own non-profit association to be able to professionalize themselves in the realms of both Breaking competitions as well as theater shows. Between 2008 and 2010 the crew has created 3 theater performances and thus brings a lot of showcase experience to the table for BOTY International 2013.

The Floorriorz

Last year´s BOTY Japan winners, The Floorriorz, did it again! The Floorriorz is a japanese b-boy crew led by Bboy Taisuke, a dancer, who already has a big reputation in the global b-boy community. But not only Taisuke is already well known, other members are Toshiki, Steez, Nori, Tatsuroski, Wata, Katsuya and Kentaraw.

Hunters Crew

The history of Hunters Crew started in 2002 in Minsk, Belarus. Hunters Crew is the best crew in Belarus according to a lot of festivals and championships in Belarus (five-time winners of Battle Belarus championship) and abroad.


Unstopabullz are one of Israel’s best working export hits. The crew has quite some international experience and a long tradition at Battle of the Year.

Knuckle Head Zoo

Knucklehead Zoo (KHZ) has been reppin' Sin City/ Las Vegas and the USA for over a decade. Hailing from the entertainment capital of the world, this is where their professionalism and creativity have flourished. The Zoo has been traveling the country and the world doing shows and battles in such countries as Qatar, China, Germany, Holland, France, and Japan.

B-Town Allstars

These dancers from the German capital have already been on the big stage in 2006 and even made it to the battles back then. After 7 long years these boys are back again and have since then heavily stepped their game up. With a few new faces in their line-up, these raw and very acrobatic dancers have presented a marvelous and move-heavy show at the German qualifier.

Space Unlimited

For the third time in a row, Space Unlimited have won the Nigerian qualifier and are now ready to represent in Germany for the first time. They are a crew specialized in urban and contemporary dance styles and ever since their foundation in 2008 have been rocking many jams and competitions all over Nigeria.